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On Simon Mayo's five live interview with Ruth Kelly today Tues 13/2/07 He failed to ask her questions relating to the Council Housing Rent Revenue Accounts and the impact of them having Rent Rebates in expenditure when no other Social or Private Landlord who participates in the Housing Benefit system have any such section on their accounts.
As Council Rent Levels have in the past been the Bench Mark for all other Landlords, having the council artificially increase theirs due to this questionable accounts practice has allowed others to do the same, to the Detriment of rent paying tenants.
While the LGO and The Audit Commission would like to Fob Me Off with words like 'Misleading' They have yet to provide Facts or Figures to prove this, infact they have refused to do a comparison Set of Accounts AS IF the councils properties were in the hands of a Housing Association.
One wonders WHY Mr. Mayo?
As were now discussing Questions surrounding refusal to ask the Awkward question. I will ask how come the BBC in Wales refuse to Question the Health n Social Services Committee over its refusal to respond to questions from Crazydave, those OH SO IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST QUESTION Mr. MAYO.
While where on that Subject of asking questions of minister how about asking the Justice Minister what the Heck is going on at the Crown Prosecution Service, or the Daylight robbery by the Water Companies allowed for under current legislation with Welsh Assembly approval it seems, or else why havent they done a thing to Curb That? Perpetrated in the main on those in the Vulnerable Adult Category, EH Mr. George Galloway?
I wonder if Social Housing Renting had been SOLD to the PEOPLE as the best viable alternative to Home OWNERSHIP they would have prefered a Life where there housing costs were in the £20 per week rent level, something easily achievable if the Accounts hadn't been fixed at the Start against the prosperity of that Rent Revenue Account.
I think alot of people who have been repossed would say WHY weren't we offered that and alot of those Struggling to make their mortgage payments currently would be saying that must be a pipe dream, not if we hadn't been paying private landlords £15 million a year in subsidy in Cardiff it Wouldn't God and the Government know what the figure is Nationwide, and all that Hard Working Tax payers money suposidly for the Benefit of All is given away, to some To Let Property Millionaire, That Mr. Mayo is the INSANITY of Government in the UK.
Imagine the Disposable Income that the majority of people would have if they hadn't gone down the Home Ownership route, if they Hadn't Hocked themselves to the eyeballs to Mortgage providers, those Greedy Greedy Greedy Mortgage providers, those dare I say it Unscrewpewless Mortgage providers who rub their hands in Glee at every repossession???
Maybe we would have a culture that wasn't work yourself to death, but allowed for the development of each individuals Talents with the time for the exploration of them. Maybe we would have a culture that encouraged the use of those Genie in a Bottle Words that Mr. Walsch talks of those 'I AM an Incredibly Creative Person' or those 'I Have an Amazing Life' Positive Self Statements taught early in our Schools, so that All recognise their Amazing Potential.
Maybe we wouldn't have those £17 Grand a week Solicitors screwing the Legal Aid System for all they can get, if were back to Labelling the Real Scroungers, or is it those Highly paid do Jack ssst Assembly Members who are the Real Scroungers Crazydave, yeah could be.
As for the Housing Association Tenant you had on your show Mr. Mayo do you know that in Cardiff 80% of all Housing Association Tenants are in Receipt of Housing benefit, or as I like to call the Tenants, Conduits of Wealth for the professional Elite, those oh so highly paid Housing Association Area Managers, now where do all the profits get syphioned off in those Businesses Eh Crazydave?????????
If it wasn't for the Tenants there would be No Housing Association, thats something they never seem to comprehend, and don't those Vulnerable Adults just funnel Tons of Money For Others, Crazydave? Yep and kept on poverty level incomes for their Assistance in Wealth Creation For Others.
Well Mr. Mayo do you have the integrity to do anything about this blog, where you and your Organisation have failed so far. I hope so, and Just Maybe Cardiff County Council Will have some very Awkward questions to Try to Answer, for a change.
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Love n Light People from Crazydave.
UPDATE FRI 16/2/07
HEY SIMON have you heard that rhodri morgan is asking for suggestions about how to tackle global warming this week on bbc radio wales.
That's odd he hasn't been interested in helping the vulnerable with the ole redesignate houses of multiple occupancy shared houses, or pushing for roof water collection systems, or warrabout the good ole water wheel as an electrical generating system eh crazydave? or micro wind turbines for every home in Wales pumping the juice they make into the National Grid so that people have cheaper bills. So why is he asking now???????????????????????
Cos hes a hypocrit Crazydave thats why.
Do you think that the first minister cares about Cardiff County Council's sub-standard housing, he's well aware of that situation, but the first minister has done nothing to tap the Council on the Shoulder and ask 'Whats going on here then Mr. Berman?', he's aware that Cardiff County Council are nolonger replying to my emails, he does nothing even though this is, yet another manifestation of their Malfeasance and Victimization towards me.
He does not care that the water companies are robbing the poorest members of this society, how can he he has not bothered as far as I am aware to write a email asking the water company to reconsider its position on 'tell us where you spend your money scumbag'.
Yet the synchophants at bbc radio Wales seem to fall over themselves, to kiss his butt in any interview I have ever heard them have with him.
As far as I am concerned the members of the current Welsh assembly are all criminals, and if the Chief Constable of South Wales Police pulled her finger out, it Will be proved in a court of Law, that indeed they are and have been WILFULLY NEGLIGENT WITH REGARDS TO THE HEALTH n WELFARE OF VULNERABLE ADULTS IN GENERAL AND CRAZYDAVE IN PARTICULAR.
Now wouldn't they Chief Constable.
AS FAR A SOCIAL HOUSING GOES 10 years into a So Called Socialist government, the Monies collected by councils in the Sale of its housing stock is still frozen from Legislation that the Tory Party Brought in during the Great Sell Off, I wonder Why Simon I wonder Why?
Love n Light Crazydave.

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